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Points & Miles

Points & Miles are travel currencies that travelers can use towards airfare and hotel stays. 

Ways to Save with points & miles

Free Night With Stay of 4 or 5 Nights

Some hotel rewards programs offer a free night when staying for a minimum of four or five nights. This means you would only need to redeem three or four nights of points for a stay of four or five nights.

5 Star Properties at 3 Star Prices

Many five star properties that have cash prices four to five times the amount of three star properties will typically have capped points redemption. This capped redemption can create significant savings.

Discounted Upgrades

Cash fares between business class and economy class are typically more than double the cost during the initial booking process. After booking, cash and miles upgrades often offer significant cost savings.

Discounted One Way and Multi City Tickets

Normally, one way miles redirections are half the cost of a round trip miles redemption; unlike cash fares where one way flights typically cost around the same as a round trip fare.

How to obtain points & miles

The two most common methods to obtaining points & miles are:

1.Earning Points & Miles

2.Purchasing Points & Miles

Earning Points & Miles can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Most Points & Miles are earned by flying or lodging with a particular brand. That being said, there are many other ways to earn Points & Miles without traveling. 

Purchasing Points & Miles can be accomplished by visiting a particular brand's website and locating their dedicated Points & Miles purchasing portal.

Current Offers To Earn Points & Miles

Luxury Beach Resort


Redeem At Over 8,000 Global Properties

Winter Mountain Resort


Redeem At Over 8,000 Global Properties

Does it ever make sense to purchase points & Miles?

Sometimes: if you notice that the cash price of a booking is higher than the cash price for the points required for the same booking, you would receive a better value when opting for the points purchase and redemption for your desired booking.

Most airlines and hotels will limit the amount of points you can purchase each year. The best values occur when purchasing during promotional periods where additional bonuses are offered!

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