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Travel Professionals

If you would like to become an Independent Contractor Travel Advisor with access to the Luxury Corporate Travel Agency Accreditation, and increase the quality of life for your travelers, read below for more information!

Independent Contractor Overview & Requirements


Luxury Corporate Travel is a host agency to a wide variety of Independent Contractor Travel Advisors. As an Independent Contractor Travel Advisor, you are able to make bookings with travel suppliers using the Luxury Corporate Travel Agency Accreditation Number. Attaching this accreditation number to your bookings allows you to capture a commission on every reservation you make, without increasing the cost of the reservation for your travelers!


For Example: you want to make a booking directly on a hotel website to ensure your travelers receive their points and status accruals for the booking. If the hotel website is showing the current member rate at $290 a night, you are able to book that same $290 a night rate for your traveler, while receiving anywhere between 5% and 40% commission for sending business to the desired company.

What Makes Luxury Corporate Travel The Top Host Agency

Our founder has a mission to operate the number one host agency in the world. In an effort to be the best, Luxury Corporate Travel provides the following to Independent Contractor Travel Advisors utilizing the Luxury Corporate Travel Agency Accreditation Number:

-CLIA Accreditation

-Access to Travel Leaders Network Consortium (Training, Rate Codes, Increased Commission rates).

-80/20 commission splits on base commission, and 100% on any override, bonus, group or trip credit.

-Zero Hosting Fees (we believe you should never be charged a hosting fee).

-Access to Commissions on Airfares (a rarity in today's age).

Independent Contractor Overview

As an independent contractor, you are able to work/book travel as much or as little as you like. You are not required to work a set amount of hours, a particular time of the day, or make a minimum number of bookings each year after being on boarded.

Independent Contractor Travel Advisor On Boarding Requirements

First Time Advisors/No Previous Advisor Booking Experience: 10 Country International Experience Requirement (this requirement is waived for corporate travel managers and small business owners that want to manage their company travel account).

Experienced Advisors/Previous Advisor Booking Experience: minimum of $100,000 in annual bookings per year.

If interested in becoming an Independent Contractor Travel Advisor: please email your resume to

To learn more about becoming a professional travel advisor and the available career opportunities within the travel industry, be sure to check out The Professional Travel Advisor Guidebook, authored by the founder of Luxury Corporate Travel.

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